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Oct 28, 2012 1:30am PDT
because in this economy you cant get a job, and if you don't have a job whats your kid going to have, what can you give them? theres not much, yea you can give them love, that's the best thing obviously, but at the same time, kids need.... at the end of the day, lisa has advice for student parents. sot lisa" "stay in school, no matter how hard it is, because everything is gets harder before it gets easy, but do it for your children, not for you"." >>" lisa plans to graduate in 2015, she eventually wants to be a high school or community college teacher. with the bay area ... enjoying baseball fever ... we'll show you how the spartans' new baseball coach plans to create some magic of his own. the san jose earthquakes broke ground on their new stadium ... and they broke a world record in the process. but first we ask student where they were when giants won their last world series. ">>>wally allyalrcon: i'm actually from san francisco so i was sad that i actually wasn't in the area. everybody was going crazy, we were even singing like 'we are the champions" right after the game. i'm just so st
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1